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Your Special Day

Long Awaited

Forever Remembered


Memories Made Into Visual Heirlooms

Thank you for checking us out today! We've captured over 200 weddings on camera and it's been a blessing beyond our wildest dreams. From our first wedding in 2017 to now, it's all glory to God, who guides and fuels our purpose. 


It feels like yesterday that our teenage daughter was born — with that, we've come to realize the unique gift we have and its importance; the privilege to preserve (with our photographic eye) life's most precious and fleeting moments, namely your wedding day.


To all of our couples, THANK YOU a hundred billion times!


-James and Erica Wolf     

Wedding Day Photography and Videography


 And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. Colossians 3:14

10 Truths About Us

1. We met in high school art class, 2002.

2. James is goofier and louder than Erica.

3. Erica is sweeter and prettier than James.

4. Our daughter Jolene is named after the song 'Jolene' by Dolly Parton.

5. Our son Jude is named after the song 'Hey Jude' by the Beatles. 

6. We got married on May 18th, 2008 by a waterfall in the Great Smoky Mountains.

7. Erica is a volunteer art teacher for elementary school students.

8. James graduated from Specs Howard in 2006.

9. 'Bearded Wolf' is inspired by James' facial hair and our last name.

10. We love Jesus! 

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